Location Attraction

The capital city of Andaman boasts of tourist friendly places that are gorgeous and awe-inspiring. There is plenty to discover in these cluster islands and Port Blair - a key pit stop in Andaman - never disappoints. Revel in the clear blue water, trek alongside green and brown thickets, and engage in the cultural history of India, as you explore the best places to visit in Port Blair.

Cellular Jail

Popularly known as Kalapani, the Cellular Jail has served as a testimony to the gruesome colonial era. This national memorial draws attention to the Indian freedom struggle and is amongst the most famous places to visit in Port Blair, primarily because of the history associated with this place. The overall architecture of the building stands in contrast to the solitary cells that were once used to exile and execute political prisoners.

Chatham Saw Mill

There are umpteen places to see in Port Blair apart from the picturesque and serene beaches. Chatham Saw Mill is one such place to discover in these cluster islands. The mill was set up under the British administration in 1883 and is a well known wood processor in Asia. Amidst the popular tourist places in Port Blair, the mill is quite an attraction for the young ones.

Corbyn's Cove

Ideal for swimming and sun basking, the Corbyn's Cove is a quaint expanse. It is located approximately 7 km south of town and it shouldn't take more than half an hour to get there. Include this in your Port Blair sightseeing for the tantalizing coconut and palm trees that line up the area.

Chidiya Tapu

Famous for its sunset, the ChidiyaTapu or Bird Island is among places worth visiting in Port Blair. Not only does it offer an incredible view of the Andaman coast line, but the place also houses over 40 varieties of regional birds. The MundaPahar Beach on ChidiyaTapu is a sought after picnic destination. Beautiful star corals and other sea shells can be collected on the beach. The 1.5 km MundaPahar trek is a pleasure treat.

Samudrika Marine Museum

Apt for the history buffs and nature lovers alike, Samudrika Marine Museum should be on your list of tourist places to visit in Port Blair. It is well maintained and offers an informative study into the past of the islands, their people, archaeology, and marine lifestyle. The museum is run by the Indian Navy and houses a variety of fish, crabs, corals and sculptures.

Anthropological Museum

Visit the old world of the Nicobarese, the Jarawas, the Shompens, the Onges, and the Sentinelese at the anthropological museum and delve into the rich cultural and social history of Andaman and Nicobar. The sculptures and murals offer an insight into the lives of these indigenous tribes in India. This museum should be on the Port Blair sightseeing list of every art enthusiast.

Fisheries Museum

Among the best places to visit in Port Blair is the Fisheries Museum that showcases endemic species of marine life found in the Bay of Bengal and the Indo Pacific region. Around 350 species of marine life, which are exclusive to this union territory, are preserved in the museum. One can also visit the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex situated nearby and indulge in watersports.

Ross Island, North Bay Island, and Viper Island

These small islands are a few miles from Port Blair and can be easily clubbed together and covered in one day. A graveyard, a ruined church, and turquoise water all along the way greets you at Ross Island. An administrative headquarter under the colonial era, Ross Island is a major tourist attraction.

North Bay Island is the perfect place to indulge in watersports. The corals are spread over a vast expanse and the natural surroundings make for a picturesque backdrop. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular amongst the tourists.

Viper Island was home to women prisoners during the British era. This is among the famous places to visit near Port Blair because of a rather gruesome history. Today, the island stands as a serene and peaceful destination, unperturbed of its past horrors.

Jolly Buoy and Red Skin islands

Easily accessible from the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, both these tiny islands lie next to each other. These famous places to visit near Port Blair boast of a rich marine life. In fact, Jolly Buoy island is considered to be among the best places to try scuba diving in Andaman. The corals are abundant and can be thoroughly enjoyed through snorkelling, scuba diving, or from the glass bottom boat. Usually tourists are taken to Jolly Bouyisland from December to May but as the rainy season (May - November) approaches, they flock to Red Skin.

Mount Harriet

The highest point in South Andaman, Mount Harriet is roughly 15 km by ferry from Port Blair. Havelock and Ross Islands can be viewed from this peak and make for an exceptional backdrop. One can also go trekking till Madhuban through the jungle and explore the area. The Madhuban trek is roughly 16 km and is an exhilarating experience.